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Foreign trade standalone vs. official website: the choice between customisation and branding

2023-08-06 17:12:45

In a globalised business environment, foreign trade companies are constantly looking for more opportunities to expand into international markets. When establishing an online presence, foreign trade standalone sites and official websites have become two common choices. There are some differences between these two in terms of function, positioning and effectiveness. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed comparison of the features of foreign trade standalone websites and official websites.

1. Definition and characteristics:

Foreign trade independent station: foreign trade independent station refers to the independent construction and operation of the website by foreign trade enterprises. These sites usually have an independent domain name and hosting, can be customised according to the needs of enterprises to highlight the enterprise's brand characteristics and product advantages.

Official website: Official website refers to the official website of a foreign trade enterprise, usually directly related to the headquarters or brand of the enterprise. The main purpose of the official website is to provide the core information, brand image and business scope of the enterprise.

2. Functional differences:

Foreign trade independent website: Foreign trade independent website can be customised and developed according to the actual needs of enterprises, with higher flexibility and freedom. In addition to displaying corporate information and products, you can also add e-commerce features, multi-language support, payment systems, etc., to achieve online sales and transactions.

Official website: The official website is mainly used to display the basic information of the enterprise, such as company profile, mission and vision, team members and so on. The official website usually does not have e-commerce functions, and its main purpose is to provide the official image and core values of the enterprise.

3. branding:

Foreign trade independent station: Foreign trade independent station can be custom designed according to the brand positioning of the enterprise, highlighting the unique style and characteristics of the enterprise. Through the independent station, enterprises can better shape the brand image, attract target customers and establish brand loyalty.

Official website: Official website is mainly used to show the overall image and values of the enterprise, emphasising the professionalism and stability of the enterprise. Official websites play an important role in brand communication, but the degree of customisation is relatively low.

4. target audience:

Foreign trade independent station: Foreign trade independent station is more suitable for directly facing the international market and attracting the attention of international buyers. Independent sites can be customised according to the needs of different countries and regions, providing multi-language and multi-currency support.

Official website: The official website is mainly used to share the core information of the enterprise with domestic and international customers, and attract potential partners at home and abroad.

5. Difficulty:

Foreign trade independent website: Building and maintaining a foreign trade independent website requires a certain amount of technical support and resource investment. Enterprises need to consider the technical development, security and stability issues.

Official website: official website is usually designed and maintained by a professional team, relatively simple for enterprises.

To sum up, there are some differences between foreign trade independent website and official website in terms of function, branding and target audience. The foreign trade independent website pays more attention to customisation and e-commerce functions, which helps to achieve direct international transactions; while the official website emphasises brand image and the display of core information. Enterprises can choose the suitable website building method according to their own needs and market positioning in order to achieve successful development in the international market.